Museum News International

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About MNI

The idea behind MNI is to share curated news, original content and opinion pieces from around the world, for people in the field, students and others interested in museums and lifelong learning.

MNI searches for a diverse collection of news. Ample room will be made for stories featuring the smaller, the rural, the local, the volunteer operated museums, museums from the developing world, museums with a narrow subject matter, or new and interesting ways of collecting, researching, communicating and exhibiting.

You will of course see some articles about the large, destination institutions, and the most talked about exhibitions. But MNI was specifically created to go beyond the most commonly reported stories, in the biggest news outlets or trade magazines. MNI will showcase the everyday, operational perspective. The behind-the-scenes activities of museums of all sizes and types, the issues they face and how they deal with them in different ways. Focus will be on development of the 21th Century museum; audience development, marketing, outreach, the inclusive/accessible museum, pedagogy, design, collection management, new ideas for the workplace, academic research and reports from courses and program’s in museum studies and museology.