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5 ways to contribute to MNI

The MNI started as a volunteer project but the goal is a sustainable online publication in collaboration with others – and to grow! You can help.

  1. Comments and critique. Did you like something you read? Reservations? Dislikes? Want to correct the wording? Comments? Do you know more about the topic? Please get in touch with MNI and add your opinions.
  2. Tips and material. Do you know of something you think should be reported in MNI? Send us links or comments.
  3. Articles and/or photos. Do you want to submit an article? Opinion piece? Email MNI with a proposal. (But please note, as of March 2017, MNI is running on a purely voluntary basis so we can not yet offer payment for articles. Hopefully, this will change in the near future).
  4. Share! The aim of MNI is to disseminate stories so feel free to share anything you find interesting. All you are asked to do is give credit to either;  
    • The original source. The creative commons is built on generosity, the common good, trust and respect. The news MNI relay often comes from smaller publications with limited, if any budgets, or from small or non-profit institutions and freelance writers. Their livelihood and future opportunities relies solely on exposure and reputation, so credit where credit is due. As much as possible the links to the original sources, or the outlet first reporting on a story, will be published at the end of an article in MNI, and photo credits will be either in the article or as a caption on the image. If you discover an error in this practice, please let us know right away so we can correct it.
    • Or to MNI. Although much of the material, especially in the start up phase, have been published somewhere else, it takes hours of work before it ends up in MNI. The material is the result of processes of searching, selecting, fact checking, source verification, write ups, finding photographs, correct links, names of original contributors and editing, as well as managing the website.
  5. Tips. MNI is an independent project and hopefully MNI can run without paid subscriptions. During the start up phase there are no ads in MNI but when the time comes for advertisement, great care will be taken to ensure that they are ethically correct and of industry specific products and services.
    • So if you want to contribute a little to this project, you are more than welcome to leave a small contribution in our tip jar. Every little bit helps!

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