Museum of displacement

From its conception the Vila Autódromo Evictions Museum is political. The Rio-based open-air museum’s second objective is “to serve as a tool for the struggle”. Unlike other evictions in Rio, the Vila Autódromo was extensively covered by both national and international media, leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympics. Residents and local activists also documented the government eviction process and the community’s struggle against it. This material will be used to preserve the memory of Vila Autódromo for the people that used to live in the favela, for future generations, but also for all people who have been threatened by, or who has been evicted.

The Vila Autódromo Evictions Museum’s plan has been developed in collaboration between residents, museologists, urbanists, sociologists, and architects. The purpose is not only to preserve the memory for the residents but also to provide material for present and future struggles against government eviction of the poor, as well as providing material for international research on the Vila Autódromo Eviction. The museological plan describes how to preserve memory, to link living and virtual elements of the community (YouTube, graffiti on buildings etc.), of geolocalization online which aims to “reconstruct evicted or threatened communities by documenting and mapping their geospatial elements online”, and much more.

Read more about this fascinating, think outside the box-museum project in the community paper Rioonwatch and on the museum here:


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