“It is actually so surprising that our country had to wait for 70 years to get a Partition Museum. The event was perhaps the biggest migration in human history, with around 15 million people affected. Unimaginable violence took place on both sides of the border. Lives were lost. Families were suddenly uprooted or torn into two. How does one even begin to contextualise and historicise such a seismic event?”

Parmesh Shahani (Credit The Verve Magazine)

The partition of this British India in 1947 is a history that people outside the region knows all to little about. But the history teaches us a little about why India and Pakistan are the way they are today.  I came across a column by Parmesh Shahani in The Verve Magazine. She describes her visit to this extraordinary museum in such beautiful words, that I decided to simply share the link to her column about the Partition Museum.

Link to the museum